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ABOUT Hamilton West

Hamilton is a community of rich cultural heritage, home to both natural and manmade wonders. Although its history goes back much further, the City was founded shortly after the war of 1812 by George Hamilton, a merchant, soldier and politician. It has a long history of hard work and ingenuity, and while it has changed and grown significantly over the past few centuries, the City has not lost its down-to-earth and spirited attitude towards life.

The City is bisected into the upper and lower city by a ribbon of wild, green space known as Niagara Escarpment. The escarpment is a 90 metre cliff, which was recently named a World Biosphere Reserve. In the area, more than 80 waterfalls have been identified, plunging over the edge or this natural wonder, which led to the city being nicknamed "The City of Waterfalls". While the escarpment runs from New York to Owen Sound and beyond, no one is more proud of this geological feature than Hamiltonians, who lovingly refer to it as "the mountain." No one can resist the breathtaking view of the lower city and Lake Ontario from the edge. It's probably this feature that has inspired the city to preserve even more green space. Despite being known as an industrial town, the city also has hundreds of parks and conservation areas for residents to enjoy. In addition to natural attractions, the city is home to a wide variety of activities truly encompassing its multicultural roots. From the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the city's five museums to Hamilton Place, Copps Coliseum and hundreds of festivals and local events, there's always something going on.

The West End centred on McMaster University, this area is widely known as home to the city's future, as hundreds of university students flood its ranks in September. But it's also home to Cootes Paradise, a large wetland at the west end of the Hamilton Harbour and the trendy shopping district of Westdale Village. Westdale was one of Canada's first planned communities, with work beginning in the 1920s. Hamilton Mountain Living "on the mountain" has always given residents a feeling of distinction. That's probably because some of Hamilton's most prestigious families built their manors on the top of the escarpment, overlooking the city. In the present day, it's a sprawling community with a balanced mix of residential, commercial and light industrial.


Mature, treelined streets and a warm tight knit community feeling with great schools are some of the biggest advantages to West Hamilton.


·Cootes Paradise Elementary School ·Dalewood Elementary School ·Westdale Highschool ·McMaster University


·West Harbour Go Station ·Proposed LRT ·HSR public transit ·Close to 403 access


Princess Point offers walking trails, hiking, canoeing, kayaking and even a paved trail connecting the Hamilton harbour waterfront trail.

Things You’ll Love

The Westdale neighbourhood thrives with vibrance and energy. Westdale Village and Locke Street offer retail and restaurants. The West end consists of a large population of young couples and singles, which makes this neighbourhood all about lifestyle.


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