Thursday, September 28th, 2023


Helping buyers find their dream home...

Buying a home can be down right terrifying, especially if you're a 'First-Timer'. Not only is it likely one of the biggest purchases you'll make in your life, but the process can be complicated, nerve-wracking and fraught with unfamiliar lingo and surprise expenses.

To try and help make the journey a little less stressful, The Heddle Group hosts a 'Hamilton Buyer's Class' to help you navigate the entire process. Our Hamilton Buyer's Class is presented in an information packed one-hour format, and held at our office in Hamilton. Whether you personally own a home or whether this is your first time, you will learn new tips and strategies for getting the best home and the best mortgage.

We’ll do our best to help take the confusion away and replace it with practical knowledge that you can use NOW. We’ll make it simple. From getting started to getting moved in, we’ll lead you all the way through the process.

*There's no cost to attend, however seating is limited, so be sure to claim yours early.

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