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The return of conditional offers

There’s a lot of negativity in the mainstream media surrounding a cooling housing market and rising rates, but there are some practices often forgotten when housing is red hot that benefit both buyers and sellers. 

A major bonus for your clients is the ability, once again, to have conditions attached to an offer to purchase that protect all parties, particularly conditions for having a home inspection completed and successfully securing financing before the offer is firm. 


Home inspection peace of mind


Following the past couple of years of crazy bidding wars and high demand, many buyer’s remorse stories are coming to light. People ended up with money pits because they had to get offers together quickly, and they’d lose out if they included any conditions. 

It’s really no surprise that when something goes wrong on a home, it’s often a big-ticket repair. And while homebuyers must anticipate ongoing maintenance expenses, having a home inspection as a condition on an offer enables your buyers to learn more about their potential new home and better plan for repairs that may be needed.

In addition to encouraging your buyers to include a home inspection condition in offers, suggesting to sellers that a home inspector complete a pre-inspection prior to listing can help set your client’s property apart from others already for sale in the neighbourhood by highlighting the sound investment buyers can expect when purchasing the property. In a cooling market especially, this can be an invaluable practice. Being proactive with a pre-inspection may even eliminate...[READ MORE]

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Nada brings with her a strong and focused ‘mission’ based mindset, whereby she loves to thrive in exceeding performance expectations. Nada is astute and sharp-minded and excels with a high capacity to process i Read More...

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