Thursday, May 28th, 2020


Amy was raised in a small town just south of Owen Sound, which at a young age instilled in her a strong sense of community. It is one of her core beliefs that “by working together we can truly accomplish great things.”  

Since moving to the Hamilton area, she has helped her husband start up and build a small family business that not only provides high quality products, but also as importantly delivers exceptional service to their customers.  They have strived to provide an outlet to other small business owners in distributing their quality natural products.  A willingness to collaborate and work towards a common goal, while delivering a high level of client satisfaction is what Amy thrives on.

Her entrepreneurial nature and strong customer service skills have translated well into the real estate industry.  A strong and practical approach to valuation, pricing, and negotiation; coupled with a track record of success in business, with the goal of outstanding customer experience, leave her clients delighted.

Providing her with a keen understanding of the importance of proper pricing and valuation, as well as knowing how to balance smart business administration without sacrificing outstanding customer service.  

Amy deeply values the relationships that she builds with her clients and her enthusiasm, dedication, and desire to make others happy, has helped her to cultivate lasting relationships.  She looks forward to serving you to make your real estate experience smooth, exciting and memorable.